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GTC is an engineering,construction,operation, and maintenance company, involved in major Substation construction project since 1977.

The company serves its customers at every project phase, from strategy formulation through design, project management, and implementation right through to support and upgrades.

Green Top Contracting Co.Ltd has worked on detailed construction of various types of major and minor structures, both concrete and steel for commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects, buildings, road networks, industrial support facilities, security perimeter fences, road crossings, retaining wall design, stability analysis, equipment/machine foundations, spread footings, combined footing, mat foundations, beams, columns/piles and all reinforced concrete structures.

GTC Performed design analysis for building facilities, in-plant structures, pipe supports and pipe racks, equipment support structures, anchorage, miscellaneous steel structures such as stairways and ladders.

Our Specialized Civil Services

  • Substation Building
  • Industrial Substation Building
  • Converting Substation Building
  • Outdoor Substation Building
  • Pole Mounted Substation Building
  • Transformer Fire wall
  • Transformer Substation Building
  • GIS Building
  • Indoor Substation
  • Switching Substation
  • Control Building
  • Security Building
  • Gantries Foundation
  • Reactor Foundation
  • Cable Trenches
  • Switch Gear Building
  • Pump House
  • Tunnel Basement
  • Transformer Foundation
  • Fire Wall
  • Transformer Track Road
  • Cable Conveying
  • Reactor Foundation Fire wall