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GREEN TOP COMPANY LTD. is a general contracting company formed back on 1977 based in AlKhobar with vast experience on the Construction and Management of Residential,Company and Industrial Projects with special expertise inthe Construction of Power Substations and associated facilities. Our company employees highly qualified and experienced Managers and Engineers as well as skilled force that aims to offer the Saudi Arabian market the best electromechanical works and main place services available combining this with an unwavering focus on the customer's needs. GTC Mission statement of GTPP is to build long and strong relationships with its clients by providing superior customer value through respecting contract delivery times, budget, and quality. That we call added value business. GTC activities for the last thirty-five years comprehend all the processes related to building Section and systems,that is, electromechanical works, from on site development of the master designs to their constructions. Its activities also include after completion, the maintenance and fecitation of some facilities and industrial processes via leasing contracts.

GTC Management Message

Green Top Company Ltd. is a General Contracting Company active in the Construction and Management of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects with special expertise in the construction of Power Substations. Our Company employees highly qualified and experienced Managers and Engineers as well as skilled multinational workforce that enable it to offer and provide several services in the Construction field. Our Company's Management has a strong commitment to the continual enhancement of its capabilities and the services that it offers to its Clients.This has contributed to the fast growth which the Company has gone through during the past few years. This same commitment will ensure continual growth for the years to come.

Timely completion, high standard quality work and providing a safe working environment are the main pillars of a successfully executed project. We, at GTC put these objectives before us once we start a Project. Our records show that our Clients were always more than happy and especially in these three aspects of any project we have executed.

GTC Technical Knowledge

In order to deliver value,it is imperative to deliver certainty. That is why at GTPP we analyze every project to the slightest detail in order to detect and solve any possible inconvenience. We under­ stand that as long as we want to achieve excellence, first we must assume our share of responsibil­ ity for the project. For that purpose we develop a project evaluation, one at a time, which improves it and therefore assures the quality process.
GTPP performs these works using methods and procedures of quality contro l, respect for the environment and respect for and monitoring of labor risk prevention.
GTPP uses self-control protocols (PPl's) implemented to ensure that our products are documented and traceable. Also the company properly documents the projects delivered, by means of a comprehensive dossier with the as-built documentation, certificates of materials, testing & commissioning protocols, and operating and maintenance instructions for end users. GTPP reserves funds from every project in order assure the after sales guarantee claims that may arise.
1. Project Analysis & Study
2. Technical Improvements
3. Cost & Planning Maximization
4. Use of New Construction Technologies
5. Use of RFP considering final Building purpose and use
6. Management Team and Field Crew selection according to construction necessities
7. Approval of Building materials before procurement
8. Project Documentation

GTC Cost Management

Our single construction project is a complex process of revenues and expenditures during a short period of time. To assure the total control of that flow of transactions GTPP uses analytic accountant systems in order to assure that the cost and the time of the projects are under surveillance. Budget control is both important for the company and for its clients,in order to assure the expected economic return of the project as a whole.
1. Initial Budgeting and Cost Estimation
2. Building Construction Planning
3. Monthly Budget & Planning Analysis
4. Use of RFC: Time & Economy
5. Procureme nt Planning
6. International procurement of building materials
7. International Subcontracting
8. Pre-Delivery Costs, and Revenue Estimations.