GTC Construction

Greentop Construction Company Ltd. is a General Contracting Company active in the Construction and Management of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects with special expertise in the construction of Power Substations. Our Company employees highly qualified and experienced Managers and Engineers as well as skilled multinational workforce that enable it to offer and provide several services in the Construction field.

GTC Civil Works

GTC is an engineering, construction, operation and maintenance company. We are involved in major construct ion projects since 1977.The company serves its customers at every project phase, from strategy formulation through design, project management and implementation right through to support and upgrades. Our activities include fireproof building construct ion, electro­ mechanical works projects, power substation building,electricity distribution and the supply and installation of power substations. Continuous improvement initiatives have led to the introduction o'innovative technologies that saving substantial time and cost.

GTC Maintenance Works

1. Regulatory maintenance :- according to local or national standards and legislations.
2. Preventive maintenance :- periodic maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.
3. Conductive maintenance :- scheduled and pre-planned periodic activities.
4. Corrective maintenance :- on as-need basis to solve facilities breakdowns and systems updates.
5. Full coverage maintenance :- the scope involves full value replacement.

GTC Mechanical Works

Plumbing, Sewage and Drainage Works

We offer reliable, efficient and top quality drainage, plumbing and sewage systems for all types of industrial or infrastructure systems. Our technical staff has continuous training in this area, including the repair and maintenance of all industrial, residential and commercial plumbing solutions. Our maintenance team completes the offering with preventive and correct ive maintenance with the same high standard of quality that GTC offers to all of its customers.

Fire Detection and Protection

GTC works with the latest technology in fire protection, including detection, firefight ing and fire control products. We are dedicated to protecting people and property as well as industrial processes that are subject to potential fire hazards. Our work comprehends coordination with customers, fire department, and insurance companies in order to get the best value not only at the construction but also during the life span of the building or infrastructure.
Indoor Sanitation: EPC for complete networks for storm water pipes, sewage, and gray water, in '12" types of available materials within unified or separate networks.
Outdoor Sanitation: EPC for underground networks in the various types of available materials,integrated or separate networks.
Indoor Plumbing: EPC for cold and hot water networks,including valves and pipes in all different Materials available in the market.
External Plumbing: EPC for sanitary cold water systems, including valves and pipes.
Sma11 cary Fittings: EPC for sanitary ware and faucets, in all existing commercial ranges, connection plumbing.
Indoor Gas Installations: EPC for gas networks to boiler rooms, kitchens, laboratories, etc.,including pipes in various types of existing materials.
Outdoor Gas Installations: EPC for gas networks etc., including buried accumulation tanks and air,control stations and low pressure discharge, valves and pipelines in the various types a existting materials.
Facilities: EPC for buried diesel storage tanks and I or air dispersion groups for lifting and valves and pipe networks in various types of existing materials.
Compressed Air Installations: EPC for air compressors, filters, valves and pipelines in the various existing materials.
Medical Gases: EPC for vacuum, oxygen, etc., bottles, regulators, valves and pipelines in the various types of existing materials.
Pools: EPC for pumping water stations,filtration,softening,chlorination,valves and pipelines in the various types of existing materials.
Irrigation: EPC for pumping water stations, sprinklers, valves and pipelines in the various types of existing materials,operating by sprinklers,drip,etc...
Treatment Of Sanitary Water: EPC for supply and install systems for pumping water,filtration, softening, chlorination, reverse osmosis,desalinization, va lves and pipelines in the various types of existing materials.
Treatment Of Gray And Black Water: EPC for pumping water,filtratio n,chlorination,as well as valves and pipes in various types of materials available for reuse in irrigation networks or discharge to WC.
Transportation of Persons: EPC for electrica l and hydraulic lifts, panoramic, esca lators, convey­ ors,including control equipment,control and wiring.
Materials Transportation: EPC for dust collection systems, transfer of clothing, movement of waste, including control equipment, controls and wiring, ducts, vacuum and blower equipment, gates,valves.
Fire Protection: EPC for safety networks for dry riser,wet column, sprinklers,automatic water mist extinguishers, automatic extinguishing gas FM-200,mobile extinguishing powder,C02, etc., Including pipes, terminal elements, pressure equipment, bottles of accumulation, valves and controls.
Solar Thermal: EPC for thermal solar collectors,storage tanks,control elements and regulation, pipe networks.

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

GTC's HVAC department specializes in installations for industry, as well as for the public and private sectors. With over 35 years combined experience in both fields, GTC has a solid and demonstrated reputation providing bespoke solutions in all types of hot and cold water systems, air conditioning and climate control systems, as well as preventive and corrective maintenance. Over the years, GTC has earned excellent client references by providing exceptional quality work, continually communicating with its clients by working hand in hand with them from the start of the project to its testing and commissioning.
1. Cold Water Production: EPC for chillers and Energy Packs,including their connection to the pipe network, fixation and damping, with air in water, air in air,and geothermal technology.
2. Hot Water Production: EPC for boilers,including its connection to the networks of pipes, fixation, exhaust extraction and damping,conventional gas burner,diesel and biomass.
3. Water Pumps: EPC for pumps supply and return of primary and secondary circuits, including fixation,damping,piping network connections.
4. Air Conditioners: EPC for air distribut ion equipment, including impulse sections, return, filtering, motors, sensors and actuator control, variable frequency drives, gates, fixation and damping,fresh clean rooms or graded general spaces.
5. Coils and Splits: EPC for conventional and super silent, both visible and hidden within cao nets or hanging ceilings,for direct expansion or connection to ducts.
6. VRV Systems: EPC for variab le refrigerant volume systems conventional equipment and super s ent both visible and hidden within cabinets or hanging ceilings, for direct expansion or connect on to ducts.
7. Flow Boxes: EPC for variable volume control boxes, including controllers and actuators, s encers, fixation and connection to ducts.
8. Dampers: EPC for automatic gates,servomotor actuators, including fixation and connection condu and wiring control panels.
9. Ceiling Panels: EPC for radiant systems cooling/heating,ceiling panels, air conditioning, air displacement, including refrigeration connections, piping, control elements, Pc for requipments, including fixation and damping. EPC for tubing networks installed in various types of existing materials, black steel, stain less steel, polyethylene, etc.,to create circuits of hot and cold water, manifolds.
10. Tractors: EPC for manual and automatic aperture air equipment, permanent ventilation units, a i: srioKe extraction units.
Sound proofing: EPC for mufflers, screens and acoustic enclosures, surface treatment in rooms, including fixation, design of damping elements and measuring the levels of situation.

GTC Projects

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GTC Safety

At GTPP,we have developed a culture that promotes an injury-free environment and provides the safest workplace possible for our employees,subcontractors, clients and others who enter or who near our construction sites. Our safety programs include partnering with the leaders in the insur­ ance industry to develop the next generation of holistic personnel and properties protection. Through innovative training and education programs, we also equip our employees and subcon­ tractors with the adequate resources they need to maintain high safety environment, reduce risk and improve loss control on every project we manage.