GTC IT Division

Green Top Company Ltd IT Division Center is a hub of technical and creative minds that generated outstanding value for our clients since our inception.It is our experience in the Internet, Client server, Groupware technologies, coupled with our capability to adapt to new and domain specific technologies and a unique onsite / offsite development model that gives us the competitive edge. At Green Top Company Ltd we deliver strategic, creative, and high quality services. We PLAN, CREATE and DELIVER web solutions, applications, developments and services that redefine the way client perceives and interacts with company. We build professional solutions at competitive prices thus, giving our clients one of the best values on the Web today. From corporate or informative web sites, animation, video, audio, e-commerce and database integrated web sites; we implement what you need to meet your business goals. the company offers the ideal opportunity for business owners all over the globe to improve visibility in their respective industry through distinctive approach. We are into web development, software development and e-learning solutions. GTC has offered a host of affordable services to clients from India, UK, Australia, Singapore, France and middle-east, who has sought out to actively improve their online profitability.

GTC IT Division Services

Android App Development

Android OS is growing fast as a mobile platform and so is the demand for Android application development. High quality Android Apps development requires a balanced approach. You need to understand the necessity of moderation in functionality and the importance of aesthetic appeal when designing user interface.
Green Top Company Ltd have been one of the realms of Android application development and has one of best Android app development teams. At GTC, we offer a variety of native mobile app development services including Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry. We build native Android applications from the ground to make maximum use of the functionality and characteristics which makes Android OS the world