GTC Specialty Fields

GTC has successfully implemented solutions in power plants and HV, MV and LV facilities in both industrial and infrastructure installations. We are known for our advanced quality systems, project management, turnkey projects, customized engineering solutions and complete project development to offer our customers the very best products for their needs.
The final testing and commissioning is an intrinsic part of the process to deliver the best possible service to our customers. By combining our capabilities at both the local and international level we can offer our customers and partners a wide range of integrated and customized solutions in a competitive international market.
1. Power Plants and Transformers: Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for switch - gear electrical protections, metering, switching, and transformers.
2. Negative Electrical Lines: EPC for HV conductors, switchgear, and power transformers in underground is at once and in or open air.
3. Generators: EPC for Energy emergency supply equipment and for Continuous electrical
4. Continuous Power Supply: EPC for alternative uninterrupted dynamic supply equipment
5. UPS: EPC for uninterrupted power supply battery equipment, anti-harmonic filters, exterior in simple systems and I or parallel,redundant and I or modular with a block master.
6. Equipment for Reactive Power Compensation and Power Factor: EPC for automatic auto­ regu ated capacitor batteries.
7. Vitchgears: EPC for General protection boards, power panel boards, energy measurement
8. Systems panel boards, control panel boards, and centralized automatic management control panel Boards
9. Electrical Conduits: EPC for Perforated sheet metal and plastic trays.
10. LV Power Lines: EPC for electric power cables and control cables, complete diagram.
11. Prefabricated LV Power Lines: EPC for prefabricated channels "canalis" type, in standard and waterproof, both and depth buried.
12. Interior Lighting: EPC for lighting fixtures including LED and standard technologies.
13. Exterior Lighting: EPC for lighting fixtures for road lighting, garden lighting,facade lighting, etc.
14. Spectacle Lighting: EPC for lighting projectors for theaters and performance spaces,including lighting equipment and control wiring.
15. Light Regulation: EPC for automatic lighting control, energy saving, and I or creation of scenarios for visual comfort and scenery, including the control electronics, hardware and software, cabling and control sensors and photocells.
16. Mechanisms: EPC for local controlswitches for lighting, sockets normal and industrial, remote controls, power control, data ports, etc.
17. System Protection and Grounding: EPC for equipment grounding systems, and general grounding networks, buried bare copper conductors, etc.
18. Lightning Rods: EPC for Franklin type electro-atmospheric catchment, creation of Faraday cages, etc.
19. Solar Photovolta ic Power Generation: EPC for high efficiency photovoltaic conversion, energy storage elements and control for injection into utility power grids.
20. Wind Power Generation: EPC for wind turbines, energy storage element and control for injection into utility power grids.